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New Construction & Remodeling - Residential, Commercial & Industrial

Bear Electric performs many services. From small service calls for troubleshooting and repair to installations for large scale projects, we have the manpower and training to make any job a complete success.

Backup & Emergency Power  - Generators & UPS Systems

Bear Electric offers a full line of manual and automatic standby generators, as well as UPS systems. Our custom designed installations create reliable back-up power and conditioned power systems, protecting your critical equipment.

Power Monitoring & Preventative Maintenance - Power Quality Analysis, System Testing &Troubleshooting

Bear Electric has the technology and expertise to monitor, identify and correct power quality problems. Our company also offers preventative maintenance programs, to avoid potential problems before they become an issue. These programs can range from simple system inspections to in depth monitoring and thermal scans.

"The concept of power quality has often been misunderstood and oversimplified. In this day and age of sophisticated electronics, monitoring power quality has become too important to ignore. The widespread use of high-tech devices has complicated every aspect of electrical power. Not only are these devices more sensitive to the effects of power quality, but they can also impact it negatively. Poor power quality can result in lost productivity, lost and corrupt data, damaged equipment and poor power efficiency. When added up, U.S. companies waste an estimated $26 billion on electrical power-related issues each year." Electrical Contractor Magazine, "Surveying Power Quality Options", March 2000.

Network & Communication Installation, Testing & Certification - UTP, Coax & Fiber

Bear Electric provides installation, testing and certification of all types of UTP wire, as well as Coax and Fiber Optic Cables. Our company installs network and communication systems that ensure superior system operation. With complete network and communication system certification, maximum performance can be achieved.